Who can take catechism classes in the chapel?

Every adult over 18 who is not baptized, confirmed, or never received First Communion, they can also assist civil marriages who wish to receive the sacrament of marriage. Interested couples can marry in the chapel program. For more information contact us.

They can also attend, all adults wanting to renew their faith. Classes are held every Saturday in Spanish, in the Hall Bishop Román, 6:00 pm registration, 6:30 pm class, followed by the Mass.

Due to the number of young people interested in receiving English classes, it was necessary to also start teaching English catechism classes on Wednesdays, 6:30 pm registration, 7:00 pm class.

Catechesis consists of 18 classes. You can start at any time, but is required to receive the sacraments complete the full course.

Class Topics:

  1. The Bible and Tradition

  2. God Creator

  3. Men and Sin

  4. Jesus Christ Man

  5. Jesus Christ Truly God/P>

  6. The Holy Spirit

  7. The Church from Within

  8. The History of the Church

  9. Sacraments I

  10. Sacraments II

  11. The Ten Commandments

  12. God´s Will and Eternal Life

  13. The Family

  14. Holy Mary, Mother of God

  15. Social Doctrine of the Church

  16. Holy Mass

  17. Prayers for the Christian Life

  18. Apostolic Work

  19. Retreat

For more information call the sanctuary at (305) 854-2404.